Publish Wordsearch On Your Website

Engage your audience with an interactive Word Search puzzle. Easily embed Word Search puzzle on your website, blog or Wordpress site.

Embed Instructions

To embed the game on your website copy HTML code below and paste it to your page where you want the game to appear.



Is it free?

Yes! You can use our Word Search puzzles on your site for free. We only require attribution by including a link to our website. If you use code above, it's already inlcuded so you don't need to do anything extra.

Is it possible to create and embed custom puzzle?

Yes. First, create a puzzle with our Word Search Maker tool and save it by clicking "Save Puzzle". Afterward, come back to this page and your puzzle will be available in selection menu under "My Puzzles" category.

Is the code safe?

Yes. The code simply adds some basic HTML markup and includes an iframe that embeds our webpage with the game. If you are put off by a long link, no need to worry. We use base64 encoding to include puzzle words in the link, which produces long URLs. You can verify it by decoding the link with online base64 tool.

Is it GDPR compliant?

Our Word Search puzzles are GDPR compliant by default. We don't track users, nor use cookies or any form of analytics when you embed the game using the code above.

Is it ad-free?


Is there a limit of how many puzzles I can embed?

You are free to embed as many puzzles as you want.

Does it work on mobile phones?

Yes! Our puzzles are responsive and adapt to all screen sizes.

Is there an option to print out the puzzle?

Yes. Head over to printable word searches page to select a puzzle you want to print out, or use Word Search Maker to create your own puzzle to print.

I have problems adding it to my site, can you help?

Sure, feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to help you.